Regal’s range of brands means every taste can be satisfied. Covering both wholesale and end consumers, they are a showcase for the global selection of foods we have cultivated.

  • Regal Foods

  • Regal Bakery

  • Yorkshire Baking Company

  • Just Desserts

    Just Desserts

  • The Baking Company

  • KB Foods

  • Pakstar

  • Regal Tasters

  • Regal Snacks

  • The Cake Shop

  • Regal Desserts

  • Jaam-e-Mashriq

  • Regal Express

  • Biryani Express

  • Cake Emporium

  • Tazza by Regal

  • Pink Chaiwala

Regal Foods

Our world foods collection. This is one of our most diverse product ranges, covering savoury…

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Regal Bakery

Our baking range has been famous for baking great cakes! The product range covers cakes,…

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Yorkshire Baking Company

Our traditional bakery range. We sell lots of different products under it, from Yorkshire classics…

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Just Desserts

At Just Desserts, we specialise in baking a range of over 130 hand-crafted desserts and…

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Just Desserts

The Baking Company

Our manufacturing arm; now available for private label opportunities. Enquire now.

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KB Foods

Was established in the late 70s to cater for the UK’s South Asian community. Today…

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Our selection of useful cupboard foods, including tinned foods, spices and sauces. The perfect companion…

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Regal Tasters

A convenience pack range covers many of our products, which are now available in smaller…

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Regal Snacks

Our convenience range of delicious snack foods, covering both sweet and savoury options.

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The Cake Shop

The name for our physical premises, where customers will be able to buy our cakes…

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Regal Desserts

Our frozen desserts service for wholesale customers. Available for restaurants, events catering and similar enterprises.

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We sell our Sharbat drinks under this name. Also known as sherbet or serbat, this…

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Regal Express

Our wholesale service, used for all our van sales. Supplies for grocery stores are delivered…

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Biryani Express

A selection of recipe kits covering both biryani dishes and other curry recipes.

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Cake Emporium

We sell cakes for birthdays, celebrations and other special occasions. This is a brand new…

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Tazza by Regal

Our frozen foods selection, including breads, meals, snacks and desserts. Also includes drinks, sauces, cooking…

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Pink Chaiwala

One of our best kept secrets – we created this brand for our Pink Chai…

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