Pakstar’s range includes useful cupboard foods, tinned products, spices and sauces making the
perfect companion to many different recipes.

Tinned Products

Pakstar offers a large selection of tinned items. From fresh fruits and fruit pulps to nuts and
other key ingredients that can be used to enhance traditional and modern home cooking.

Quality Herbs and Spices

Home-cooking is key within Pakstar’s ethos and values and providing our customers with a variety of herbs and spices ensures quality and flavoursome foods can be produced at home in the kitchen.

Finest ingredients

As well as a range of quality herbs and spices, Pakstar are producers of a large selection of
flour, corn flour, batter, and powered food and cooking ingredients.

Street Foods

Authenticity is rooted in this brand and with traditional street food mixes on offer, this
enables us to bring a taste of South Asia into the home for families to enjoy for many
generations to come.