Regal Tasters


Tasters offer the perfect convenience snacking options and food for on the go.

Snacks on the go

The Tasters range includes sweet and savoury products that offer something truly unique
for on the go snacking. The brands mission is to produce something that is both affordable
and convenient.

Tasters Savouries

Featuring a range of sweet and savoury snacks in snacking size packaging, the Tasters range
includes Bombay mix, mixed nuts and dried fruits. The perfect on the go snack.

Tasters Cakes

Available in packets of no more than two, the Tasters cake range includes madeira cakes as
well as biscotti products and other bakery products.

For your Convenience

The Tasers range covers a whole variety of products and is available for wholesale
distribution and through retail outlets such as convenience stores, petrol stations, bars,
restaurants and more.