Our Communities

At The Heart Of Everything We Do

As a successful food manufacturer and distributor which established itself within the heart of a local community, it is vital within our operations we have a major impact on our communities locally, throughout the UK and around the world. Charity work is at the heart of everything we do.

Regal raise £500 for Hospice on 10K Starlight Hike

We have a strong commitment in supporting both local and international charities whilst delivering on initiative’s providing young people opportunities to participate in sociable activities.


As part of an on-going campaign to beat poverty we supply on a weekly basis 100’s of our products to donation charities and food banks throughout the UK as well as internationally.

Through the sponsorship and support of sporting clubs its important we support these areas of social activities that give many within our community a platform to aspire and inspire.


As a major employer, we provide those within our community opportunities to further develop through mentoring individuals, enhancing skills and knowledge.

Tea Party Raises £1,000
Championing Women in Sport

In our mission to break down barriers and allow room for diversity, we work with partners to deliver and support outreach work within our community.