Regal Add to Popular Marinade Range

Posted 19th October 2020

Regal Foods already brings many delicious flavours to the table with their easy to use marinade collection. The versatile marinade range allows consumers to bring their food to life through a series of exciting flavours that are suited for both meat and vegetarian dishes, enhancing ingredients along the way.

Regal Foods are delighted to be adding to the existing range with four delicious flavours: Jerk Chicken Marinade (500ml), Rib & Chops Marinade (500ml), Lemon & Herb Marinade (500ml), and Pepper Steak Marinade (500ml). The new variants will join the current range of Peri Peri Marinade (500ml), Tandoori Marinade (500ml), Chicken Tikka Marinade (500ml), and Steak & Chops Marinade (500ml).

Regal Foods marinade range are a hugely popular line for the world food pioneers and is enjoyed by many around UK and world.

Customers can expect to see the product land on shelves and on Regal Foods online shop week commencing 26 October.

RRP £2.99