Regal Provide School Meals

Posted 7th April 2021

World food pioneers, Regal Food Products Group, are extremely proud and honoured to be supporting the Shahid Afridi Foundation in providing free school meals to children living in poverty who attend the Wadoodia Muhallah School in Karachi.

The project run by the Shahid Afridi Foundation is life changing for the children who attend the school in Karachi. The school caters for 216 children who live in the poorest of communities and conditions, which enables access to education for those children who would not normally be given the opportunity.

The Shahid Afridi Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose aim it is to improve the conditions of the underprivileged communities of our society in terms of Education, Healthcare Services, Access to Water, Sports Rehabilitation and Emergency Relief Response.

The Shahid Afridi Foundation said

“Provision of healthy and appealing meals at schools play a significant role in providing nutrients and reducing the intake of unhealthy food. They also serve as a way to model good nutrition, promoting healthier eating habits in children. For low-income families, school is more than just learning. Providing free meals to our students at Wadoodia Mohalla Campus, Karachi, Sindh; with the support of Regal Food Products Group an important income support for the family and a critical source of nutrition for the children.”